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Do you love quilting but struggle with the binding? This post is for you!

1. Is binding a quilt boring?

Initially binding a quilt may seem tedious, but once you see how beautifully a quality binding enhances the quilt, you will want to spend time getting the binding of your quilt absolutely perfect.

I love making every part of a quilt, including the binding, so I thought I’d share my favorite methods for how to bind quilts with you, which are from the 3 top videos below.

2. How to bind a quilt

Video 1: How to machine sew a binding on a quilt

Video 2: Bind a Quilt by Machine

Video 3: How to use 1/4'' Quilting Foot

3. Bind a quilt with tools and more

As you can see in the videos, binding a quilt will become much easier when using quilting tools. ¼” Quilting Foot will enable you to feed your quilt pieces through your sewing machine with an exact ¼” seam allowance. Free Motion Foot allows you to sew freely in all different directions, through as many layers of fabric you can fit under the foot. And Walking Foot gives you an extra set of feed dogs for the top of the fabric being sewn, making managing unusual fabrics manageable. Especially, Beginner Quilting Foot Set consists of kinds of presser feet above and 4 free gifts. Everything you need is now in one set!

Have you got any other tips to bind a quilt? Please share us your experience and we would like to hear your reviews about these presser feet.

If you are a sewing beginner or wanting to upgrade your sewing tool collection, please have a look at What All Sewing Beginners Must Have.


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Gail Butts
Gail Butts

September 29, 2020

When I do machine binding I sew the binding onto the front of the quilt. Then I flip it to the back, use a glue stick and binding clips to hold it down, being sure to have it just past the binding seam line. Then I stitch down from the front in the ditch. This way the binding looks good from the front. The little edge you have from stitching is now on the back.

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