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September 07, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

My friends! As sewing lovers, you must know much about sewing machines, thread, needles,.... However, there are still interesting facts about them that you have almost never heard of. Let's see what they are. I'm sure these will WOW you a lot!

1. The Needle Didn’t Always Look The Way You Think

Although needles have been used for centuries, they weren’t always made of metal. Originally, bone needles were used by people to keep themselves warm with stitched together furs. Ivory and horn were later used.

2. Thread Was Made From Crazy Materials Originally

Ancient seamstresses and tailors had a thread that was made from leather thongs, gut, and grasses. In Britain, a thread of linen or silk was thought to be more superior to cotton (as today we use) and was sold loosely until spools were invented in the mid-1700s.

3. Sewing Machines Used To Be Almost Indestructible

The original sewing machines were very durable since they were made out of cast iron. It is rumored that Singer, the maker of the machines, worried that the market would become too saturated with these machines and they would continue to be passed on from generation to generation. The company then started creating flimsier machines that would have to be replaced at some point.

4. Button Placement Was Never Designed For You

If you look at clothing, you will notice that women’s buttons and men’s buttons are on different sides. The reason for this is because garments with buttons were expensive, and only women who were wealthy and had servants could afford these types of garments. They were then sewn on the left side to make it easier for the servants to help these women dress. Even in today’s fashion, this still hasn’t changed.

5. “The whole nine yards,” a common phrase, came from the fabric that was needed to make the fanciest coat for a man of fashion.

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Do you know any other interesting facts about sewing? Please share with me. I find that the more I know about sewing, the more I love it haha.

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