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September 07, 2020 3 min read

Want to start sewing but you're not sure where to start? You don’t know what sewing supplies, notions, and equipment you need in order to get going? Needles? Check. Threads? Check. Ready to go? Not just yet!
To help you get started, I will show you the list of everything you must have basically for your sewing journey. Get them first and then you can build up other accessories as you go.

Needles and threads

Needles should be suitably chosen to what you sew. You’ll find all sorts of specialist needles are available for embroidery, quilting and cross stitch, but a pack of assorted sewing needles is a good place to start. When you choose your needle, make sure the eye is just large enough for your thread to go through but not too large. Use a sharp pointed needle for all sewing – the blunt ones are used for cross stitch and needlepoint.

Cotton is a fabulous all-purpose thread, but polyester (or a mix) is handy if you need extra strength.


You’ll usually purchase fabric by the yard or metre, but if you just want a small amount of material, opt for a ‘fat quarter’, which is a yard that’s been cut into four sections, making a piece of fabric that measures about 46 x 56cm (18 x 22in). You can buy these individually or in bundles.
Choose your favorite lovely fabrics as all of this would be redundant if you didn’t have loads of gorgeous fabrics to transform into beautiful creations!

Tape measure


Measuring fabric correctly is crucial to a perfect finished project (measure twice, cut once!), so a tape measure is one of your most important tools. Find one that measures around 150cm (59in) and has both metric and imperial units for quick conversions.

You need to hold your pieces of fabric in place when sewing. What you must have is pins. Most are between 2.5-5cm (1-2in) long, so you could always collect a variety to use on different projects. Don’t forget to buy a magnetic pin holder or make a pincushion to keep them safe!

Chalk or erasable pens

You are inevitably going to need to mark your fabric, indicating where to cut or mapping out your sewing lines. Obviously, you cannot use a regular pen, so it’s a good idea to invest in some chalk, or some erasable pens that won’t ruin your fabric.

Seam rippers

Singer Seam Ripper and Tape Measure

Everyone makes mistakes and this is even more popular with beginners. That’s why a seam ripper is a must have. Simply unpick them away, start again and forget the whole thing ever happened!

Ironing Board

The Ultimate DIY Ironing Board Cover! free sewing tutorial — SewCanShe | Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

A sturdy ironing board is also a must for sewing. It needs to be steady with T-shaped legs and non-slip feet. I recommend looking for one made from a perforated material for steaming fabrics. It also needs to have an adjustable height feature that locks in place.

A pair of fabric scissors

A great pair of scissors is a must have when sewing. These will need to be fabric only scissors, meaning you don’t use them for anything else. This will keep them sharp and will be perfect for cutting your fabric. The scissors with laser is even perfect for precise cuts.

Needle threader

This might just be your new favorite thing ever. Gone are the days of licking the tip of a thread, squeezing one eye closed whilst you gingerly try to feed the thread through the eye of the needle. Needle threader will do it all for you.  


Bobbins can be seen in sewing machines and are an important part that you cannot remove. They have different styles and they’re made from different materials. Bobbins are used in feeding thread at the back of the stitches.

Bobbins should be well organised in bobbin box to keep your sewing space neat and tidy.

There are still a handful of other things you might want to have on hand, but these are the basics I’ve really covered.
Hopefully, this list of sewing supplies helps you get going on your journey to learn to sew! If you find anything else a must have, please leave your comment here!

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