Magic Hemmer Foot Set


"This adjustable guide foot is just what I needed and I am thrilled with it, fits and sews perfectly, the plastic guide slides easily then fits snuggly in the grooves." - KIM W.

Product Description:

A narrow rolled hem is important to a well-made project. However, it may be tedious and challenging to carry out by hand. If it is your concern, we offer the Magic Hemmer Foot, which brings you a fast and easy way to get a perfect narrow hem suitable for fine and sheer fabrics and curved hemlines. It is especially useful for sewing hems on ruffles as the narrow hem allows them to hang beautifully to save a substantial amount of sewing time.

With the Magic Hemmer Foot, you don’t have to worry about manually pressing the hem before you sew and create perfectly even and neat narrow hems.

Besides, for multifunctional use, you may find Magic Free Motion Foot and 3-Hole Cording Foot helpful.


  • Fast installation, simple, convenient and practical use.
  • Suitable for multi-functional sewing machines and old-fashioned sewing machines, including Brother, Janome, Singer, Babylock, Kenmore, …
  • Precise measurement from fabric edge. 


  • Brand Name: Oh My Crafts
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • 3 specifications:
  • 4/8 inch Rolled Hem Foot (1.3cm curling)
  • 6/8 inch Rolled Hem Foot (1.9cm curling)
  • 8/8 inch Rolled Hem Foot (2.5cm curling)
  • Size: 5cm x 4cm x 1cm / 1.96” x 1.57” x 0.39”Weight: 67g / 2.36oz.


  • 3 x Sewing Machine Foot


How To Use the Hemmer Foot?


  • Step 1: Select the desired Wide rolled-hem attachment size and attach it to the Rotary Even Foot.


Magic Hemmer Foot
  • Step 2: Trim about 1.0cm (3/8") from the corner of the cloth. This is to make it easy to insert through the cloth entrance.
    Step 3: Fold fabric edge approximately 0.60cm (1/4") and iron.
Magic Hemmer Foot
  • Step 4: Fold fabric again and insert it into cloth entrance.
Magic Hemmer Foot
  • Step 5: Loosen the adjustment screw and adjust the position of the sliding arm so that the machine seams hem with a 0.30cm allowance from the first fold.
Magic Hemmer Foot
  • Step 6. Lower the needle into the fabric at the point where sewing is to begin. Then lower the Rotary Even Foot.
Magic Hemmer Foot
  • Step 7: If necessary, pin the folded cloth approximately every 9cm (3") and remove pins while sewing.
  • Step 8: Slowly begin to sew while feeding cloth smoothly.
Magic Hemmer Foot