Snap Pliers Tool Set

Product Description:

Snapping buttons is never an easy task as it not only takes time but requires a lot of skills and precise as well. Now, this common task is perfectly supported with the help of Snap Pliers Tool Set. You will not have to worry about snapping buttons as it becomes easy as pie!

It would be surprising that this tool set can be commonly applied to clothing, cloth baby diapers, bibs, towels, craft, sewing, household projects and other embroidery household projects.

To be more useful, you should also choose Professional Laser Sewing Scissorsfor exact cuttings.


  • Easy to use; light but sturdy and portable
  • Great kit for both professional and home use
  • All snap buttons are made of excellent plastic with good abrasion resistance
  • The snap plier can be used for T3 / T5 / T8 snap.


  • Material: Snap plier: Aluminum, Snap button: Resin
  • 15 color buttons (white, black, red, rose red, sapphire blue, light green, onyx green, light blue, pink, yellow, purple, coffee, dark gray, gray, beige); each has 10 sets
  • Color: As shown
  • Snap plier: 17cm / 6.6" (L)
  • Snap button: T5 1.2cm / (dia)
  • Weight: 430g / 15.2oz.


  • 1 x Snap Pliers Tool Sethow to use