Advanced Bias Tape Makers Kit (26 pcs)

Product Description:

With this Advanced Bias Tape Makers Kit (26pcs), you can create your own bias tapes in minutes instead of hours. It makes the task of making bias tapes easy and the result looks just great. 

  • Complete Bias Tape Kit: This bias tape maker set comes with 5 different sizes tape maker, 4 bias binding foots, awl, binder clips, ball point pins, tape measure, and simple instruction.
  • Bias Tape Set: Included 5x bias tape makers (6mm/9mm/12mm/18mm/25mm). Choose the fabric pattern you like. Easily DIY your own bias tape to make quilt binding seams, sewing, serging, crafting, fishing, and little projects, like placemats, bibs, armhole, neckline, applique and so on.
  • Box Packaging: All sewing accessories are placed in a box, which is convenient to find and store, store efficiently.

The complete set can meet your different needs for sewing, quilting and binding. This is an ideal gift for any sewists and DIY lovers.

  • Practical Bias Tape Maker Set for Sewing/Quilting.
  • A precision tool that folds fabric into perfect halves automatically.
  • Save your so much time on making bias tape.
  • Bond any material you like by using an iron.
  • Make any fabric into an accent, border or trim.
  • It's fast, economical and perfectly coordinated.
  • Perfect for lattice, meshwork quilting, piping (trimming) and sewing.


Including 01 Bias Tape Maker Kit (26pcs):

  • Extra 3pcs High Quality Binder Foot: The multifunctional binder foot is generic, will fit for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, Singer, and many more sewing machines that use a snap on foot.
  • Ball Point Pins: are perfect for those hard to reach spots as well as using them to mark where not to sew.
  • Binder Clips: are perfect and strong enough to hold together several layers of leather. Suitable for jersey, cotton, denim, leather and all the other thinner materials.
  • Tape Measure: is used primarily for taking body measurements, as well as for drafting patterns, measuring fabric, laying out patterns on fabric, specifying the length of a garment, checking the size of hems, measuring curves and corners, measuring curtains, quilts … and much more. 


  • 5pcs Bias Tape Makers: Green 1/4'', Orange 3/8", Yellow 1/2'', Red 3/4'', Blue 1''
  • 1pcs Wooden Awl 
  • 1pcs Adjustable Bias Binding Foot
  • 3pcs High Quality Binder Foot
  • 4pcs Adjustable Binder Clips
  • 10pcs Ball Point Pins
  • 1pcs Tape Measure
  • Free Instruction Manuals

How To Use:

  1. Making cloth strip: cut into parallel cloth strips with 45 degree angle according to the width you need.
  2. With the reverse side of the fabric bias tape maker facing up, insert the made cloth from the wide opening, and use the tip of the awl to pull out the cloth from the front of the belt maker.
  3. Fix the front end of the pulled cloth strip on the ironing board with a ball pins.
  4. While pulling the belt conveyor, make the iron close to the front end of the belt conveyor, so that the pulled cloth belt can be ironed immediately.
  5. After pulling out the cloth strip, use the iron to consolidate and finish.


01 x Bias Tape Set 26pcs with 5-sized Bias Tape Makers, Binder Clips, Tape Measure and Extra 3pcs Binder Foot

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