Moen Cartridge 1222 vs 1225

Do you have to supplant your Moen showers valve cartridge yet don’t have the foggiest idea about the contrast between the majority of the Moen substitution cartridges? 

That is for what reason we’re talking Moen substitution cartridges today, just where we’re going to indicate you.

Moen Replacements Cartridges

The contrast between the Moen Cartridge 1222 versus 1225 

Truly, Moen is just the best spigot organization with regards to effortlessness. They have buckled down to make fantastic items as well as keep their new parts get streamlined. 

Just ask any handyman, and they’ll validate precisely that it is so natural to discover new parts and fix showers valves for the Moen items. 

Immediately, how about we talk about the various sorts of Moen cartridges. 

Moen 1222 versus 1225 Replacement Cartridges 

The most significant distinction that you’ll discover with Moen showers valves is the Moen 1222 versus 1225 substitution cartridges. 

1225 is the refreshed rendition of the first 1200 single handling cartridge with a metal shell and metal cylinder. 

Moen 1225 Showers Valve Replacement Cartridge 

That is the first cartridge that All Moen imagined decades prior. The Moens 1225 has a reasonable plastic shelling with a metal cylinder within it. 

The most significant contrast between the Moen 1222 versus 1225 cartridges is just how the showers valve handling turns the water on. 

Shower valving with the Moens 1225 cartridge are just turned on by hauling the handles out and after that modifying the temperatures by turning the handle to one side or ideal for the hot or just cold water. 

Along these lines, you could state that the Moens shower valves that have the Moens 1225 cartridge offers volume control. You can adequately pull the handle just as out of sight you need, which is a pleasant component. 

The Moen 1222, otherwise called the Moens Posi Temp cartridge, is Moen’s unique weight adjusting cartridge. It has a grayish plastic shell with dark grommets and a metal cylinder. Moen 1222 and 1222B Posi Temps Shower Valve Replacement Cartridge 

Weight adjusting is a significant component of a showering valve as it decreases the danger of you getting burnt with boiling water on the off chance that somebody flushes the can while you are just showering. The weight adjusting of the Moens 1222 Posi-Temp cartridges has a spool in it that viably shuts down the boiling waterside if it detects a decrease in the stream from the virus water side, keeping you from getting singed with heated water. 

Moen 1222 Poss Temp Shower Replacement Cartridge 

Showering valves with the Moens 1222 cartridges are turned on by pivoting the handle as it were. Not at all like that Moen 1225 cartridges, the 1222 cartridge that does not have volume control. 

Along these lines, you mainly pivot the handle counters-clockwise to open the progression of water and locate your ideal temperature. With that Moen 1222, you can’t control how much waters leaves the shower valve. 

Are The Moen 1222 and 1225 Cartridges Interchangeably? 

Are The Moen 1222 and Moen 1225 Cartridges Interchangeably?
NO! !
While the Moens 1200 and the Moen 1225 cartridges are compatible, the Moens 1222 PossTemp cartridge is in no way, shape or form exchangeable with the Moens 1225 or 1200. 
There isn’t just any part that is exchangeable between the Moen 1222 versus 1225 new parts. The handling don’t fitting; the showers plates don’t fit, anything!

That is the reason it’s vital to the point that you figure out which Moens shower valve you have before purchasing any new parts. What’s more, the ideal approach to do that is by expelling your shower trim and assessing your showering valve to decide whether you have that Moen 1222 versus 1225 shower valve cartridge. 

Also, if you are somebody who needs volume control yet you as of now have a Moens 1222 Posi Temp valve, you can’t merely supplant the cartridges to the Moen 1225 cartridge to accomplish volume control. 

You should supplant your current shower valves with an altogether new shower valve complex with one that just has volume controlling like the Moens Moentrol showering valve, which is a weight adjusting valve that just takes the Moen 1225 cartridge. 

Moen 1222 and 1222B Difference 

There is NO contrast between the Moen 1222 versus 1222B substitution cartridges. 

They are just both the new part cartridge for the Poss Temp Moens shower valve. They are produced using similar parts; the main distinction is their bundling and model number. 

The “Bs” in the 1222B model number represents Bulk. That is it! It’s the part which Moen pitches to temporary workers if packs. 1222 is the just one that you’ll usually discover in your tool shops. 

The Moen 1222 versus 1222B part are both falling off the similar Moen substitution cartridge creation line at their plant in N. Carolina. The main distinction is bundling. So don’t get made up for lost time with asking yourself what the differences between Moen cartridge 1222B versus 1222 is. 

This makes one wonder… 

Is there a contrast between the Moen 1225 versus Moen 1225B? 

Once more, a similar answer applying as the response to the Moen 1222 versus 1222B distinction. They are precisely the same Moen substitution cartridges. The main contrast is the Moens 1225B is just sold in the mass packs. 

At the point when Should You just Change Your Shower Cartridge 

Since you know the contrast between the Moen 1222 versus 1225 and Moen 1222 versus 1222B, it’s critical to realize when it’s an ideal opportunity to change those cartridge. 

Think about the showering valve cartridge as the brake stack of your vehicle. It is anything but a static pieces that will keep going forever. What’s more, the more established the cartridge getting, the more effective it shall have on the exhibition of your valve. 

Side effects of a terrible Moen 1225 and the 1222B Cartridge: 

  • Spilling from those handle, tub gush or showering head when off. 
  • Hard to opening or closing shower valve. 
  • Hard to turns shower handle. 
  • Powerlessness to get hot or freezing the water. 

If encountering any of these manifestations, it’s a great opportunity to supplant your cartridge. The more you hold up, the harder it will be to evacuate your Moens shower valve cartridge. 

Furthermore, it’s normal for Moens cartridges to stall out within the showering valve which may require instruments like the Moens cartridge puller or notwithstanding procuring a handyman.

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