Knit Your Scarves Like An Expert

But 20 Times Faster.

  • Finish your DIY projects quicker than regular hand knitting.
  • Easy to use. Everyone can get a hang of the machine, even children.
  • Make accurate stitches. Can do both flat and ring weaving.
  • Perfect for those who just getting started with knitting.
  • Make all kinds of gifts to your loved ones.

Forget about hand knitting. Here's why.

  • Knitting the old-fashioned way is fun, but it is time-consuming and take so much effort just for a yarn hat.
  • Do you know it can take about 5 hours to knit a yarn hat on average? This knitting machine can do it better in just 30 minutes!
  • You will finish your projects 20 times faster with little handworks.

  • From amateurs to experts, everyone can use this machine on their first try!
  • Comes with clear instruction, anyone can be a knitter!
  • Just thread the yarn into the spindles, turn the crank, and let the machine do all the jobs for you!

  • Make precise stitches, create your own DIY outfits in 30 minutes.
  • From hats to scarves, from gloves to socks, you can make them all!
  • No skills and effort required.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Thread the yarn under the #1 peg, leave a bit of an end.

Step 2:

 Slowly crank the handle, while putting the yarn into the next pegs like a zig-zag pattern (under the peg, then behind the next one). Do it until you reach the last peg. 

Step 3:

Put the yarn through the guide, then straighten the yarn by using the tension guide. Continue to crank at a slow pace to make sure there are no dropped stitches.

Step 4:

After finishing all the rows (depend on your project), manually secure the stitches using the included needle.

What's in this box?

~ Everything you need to begin knitting ~

  1. The Machine Itself: Made of high-quality plastic, which is odorless, safe and reliable, durable. There are two modes for different purposes and operated by a crank. 

  2. Woolen Threads: We also include some yarn so you can start your project right away!

  3. Some Needles: Needles are necessary to secure the stitches so they won't unravel after.

  4. Other Accessories: A screwdriver is included to assemble the machine, also some suction cups and a non-slip pad to make sure the machine won't move around while using.

*Included accessories may vary depend on the machine type.

These come with multiple sizes!

~ For all projects ~

Still not decided yet? We have more detailed comparison for you!

Machine type22 Needles Knitting Machine40 Needles Knitting Machine48 Needles Knitting Machine
Number of stitches22 Needles40 Needles48 Needles
Plain weave size5.12"10.23"12.59"
Ring weaving diameter3.54"7.87"9.44"
With counterNoNoYes
Suitable yarn hatDolls hatKids hatAdults hat
Suitable yarn1 - 3mm1.5 - 3mm1.5 - 4.5mm

Our customers love the machine.

Sarah P.

"The machine was easy to set up. I did watch a few tutorials on YouTube to help out with getting the knitting started. I do like to crochet, so I practiced with a few different brands of yarn I had on hand. It will take a little practice to find out what works for you & your projects, but that’s the fun in it.

Anparo M.

"Love it😍 it came with everything and looks great"

Odysseus R.

"WoW, this is big. It’s so awesome. I love it a lot. Cannot believe I have one now. It’s so easy to use, Just follow the instructions. I can make my gloves, hats and scarfs now."

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