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Beginner Quilting Foot Set

  • Everything you need is now in one set. Sewing straight and precise lines, installing zippers, adding eye-catching embellishments,... have never been easier. What we are talking about is Beginner Quilting Foot Set, whose top-quality construction ensures long-lasting durability!
  • This set perfectly fits all low shank sewing machines, of course your budget and your demand!

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Product Description

A set of presser feet for quilting? Free Motion Feet allows you to sew freely in all different directions, through as many layers of fabric you can fit under the foot. With ¼ Quilting Foot, you can feed your quilt pieces through your sewing machine with an exact ¼” seam allowance. And Walking Foot gives you an extra set of feed dogs for the top of the fabric being sewn, making managing unusual fabrics manageable.

Beginner Quilting Foot Set is needed by not only beginners but also all seamstresses for multifunctions. The feet are most often used as we can make a variety of stitches.

You will get free shipping for this set and especially additional 4 items for free: a set of Sewing Seam Guide Positioning Plates 6 in 1, Needle Pin Cushion, a set of 100 Sewing Pins, and 40 Sewing Quilting Plastic Clips.

If you need to make round edges, Round Corner Binding Foot is a must, which makes it easy as pie.

Product Features

- Free Motion Foot Set:

  • 1 x Open Embroidery Multi-function Presser Feet
  • 1 x Free-Motion Darning Foot
  • 1 x Opening embroidered presser foot
  • 1 x Closed embroidery presser foot.

Can be used for knitting, quilting, or hand quilting pattern



 - ¼ Quilting Foot Set:


  • 1 x 1/4 inch quilting foot with guide
  • 1 x Stitch in the ditch presser foot
  • 1 x Overcast Presser Foot

Helps make every stitch line up perfectly; the seam allowance is ¼ inch in width; eliminates swerving by running your fabric alongside the included guide.

- Walking Foot:

  • Holds and moves fabric between the presser foot's upper feed dog and the machines' lower feed dogs to better control difficult fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric.
  • Great for quilting, sewing when matching prints or plaids or fabric drift.

- Fit low shank sewing machine.
- Buy 3 get 4 free:

  • Sewing Seam Guide Positioning Plate 6 in 1
  • Needle Pin Cushion,
  • 100 Sewing Pins
  • 40 Sewing Quilting Plastic Clips.





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