Quilter's Pressing Pad

Product Description:

 What Is An Ironing Mat?

New to quilting? Let us help you!

  • Ironing mats are great to keep near your sewing table so you can quickly press seams while you assemble blocks and patterns. Instead of moving back and forth between a sewing table and an ironing board, most quilters keep a pressing pad next to them to keep the quilting process as efficient as possible.
  • Our ironing mat is made from extra-dense wool fibers, so it radiates heat back up into your fabric! You'll only ever need to iron one side of each block!


Loved By Quilting Professionals

  • From the Modern Quilt Guild to popular Quilt-stagrammers, Oh My Crafts is the choice for the quilting industry.
  • @NightQuilter says "I LOVE these mats! They create a smooth press!"
  • With an eye on quality, we never put our name on anything less-than-best and our fans will tell you the same: these ironing mats are built to last!
  • Chemical-free wool
  • Dense padding for extra heat-retention
  • Smooth surface for easy ironing

Compare us to our Competition!

  • When you look closely, you can see the difference between our ironing mat and the other pressing pads online. Our premium mats are made from 100% New Zealand wool that is never treated with harsh chemicals or dyed to change the color. The wool is simply washed, combed, layered, and pressed until the mat is thick, dense, and smooth.

Rough Surface

  • This competitor sells their ironing pads without any attention to detail! There are stray items caught in the wool, and the wool itself is rough. Ironing on mats like this will lead to fabric-covered in wool fibers.

Uneven Edge

  • This mat arrived at our doorstep with a completely uneven edge. Will this greatly affect your ironing? No. Is it reasonable for a company to have such low quality control standards that they'd let this mat ship? Absolutely not.


Save Time

  • Tired of flipping fabric swatches and clothes over and over while you iron? Use our ironing mat to cut that time in half. Wool holds onto the heat from your iron so well that it radiates back up into your fabric, essentially ironing from both sides at once.

Streamline Your Sewing Table

  • Real talk: quilting and sewing require a lot of tools. Why get up and down from your sewing table every time you need to press a crease into one piece of fabric? Keeping an ironing mat on your sewing table ensures a streamlined process so you can focus on finishing your next project!

Happy Sheep

  • Lilypad Lake is committed to working with ethical farms who don't practice calf separation. We know that every living being on this planet deserves a happy and healthy life, and it's important to us to support the farmers and ranchers around the world who share our mindset. Our premium wool comes from sheep who spend their days grazing green hills!

Make More Intricate Quilts

  • Intricate quilts require tiny blocks of fabric in challenging shapes and angles. It's hard to press those on a massive ironing board, but with a pressing pad at hand, you'll be able to whip through all the piles and piles of blocks you've got stacked up in a flash.

Thanks for your support!

  • Oh My Crafts is a family-owned and operated small business located in sunny Los Angeles, CA. We're here to answer any questions you might have about our pressing pads, and to provide support for the great quilting community across the country! We can't thank you enough for shopping with us!


  • EXQUISITELY CRAFTED: Our high grade wool is mechanically separated to select only the finest fibers. Our wool is never bleached or dyed, and it has no synthetic fillers. These mats are made from one ingredient only: 100% Carbonized New Zealand Wool, no added chemicals.
  • ETHICAL ANIMAL PRACTICES: We only use wool from farms that raise their sheep humanely and adhere to sustainable practices. We're committed to high living standards for animals and humans alike!
  • PREMIUM HEAT ABSORPTION: Our wool pressing mat retains heat from your iron and radiates it back into your fabric, saving you from needing to flip and iron both sides! It's so efficient that you won't even need to use steam with your iron! If you choose to use the steam function, make sure to put something absorbent under the pad to protect your table.
  • ENDORSED BY QUILTING PROS: We have the support of quilters across America, from members of the Modern Quilt Guild to Quilt-stagram stars like @NightQuilter and @SuzyQuilts. This pressing mat is the perfect gift for the quilter in your life, it's portable, light, and easy to store. Need a going-away-present for that new college student in your family? Send them to school with an ironing mat and they'll be able to press out creases easily without an ironing board!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Oh My Crafts offers you a no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee if this quilting mat doesn't meet your standards. Your satisfaction is our duty. Our ironing pads are naturally flame retardant, biodegradable, and non-allergenic, we think you'll love them!


  • Material: 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Size: 12” x 18” x 1/2" = 30.5cm x 45.7cm x 1.3cm 
  • Weight: 650g (23oz).


  • 1 x Quilter's Pressing Pad
  • 1 x Silicone Iron Pad