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FREE Shipping! + 365-day Warranty!

Open Toe Foot

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Product Description:

Have you ever heard about a foot that is extremely useful for blanket stitching, edgestitching and decorative stitching? Open Toe Foot is its name! The foot can be used for machine applique, decorative stitching and many types of surface embellishment. The foot provides a clear view of the stitching area, and the tunnel on the underside of the foot allows dense stitches or raised trims to feed smoothly under the foot.

Product Features:

  • Fits all home electric sewing machines (on the table) and the old-fashioned foot sewing machine (not suitable for industrial sewing machines)
  • Open the presser foot opening front opening is larger, can better observe the needle-bit area. Suitable for the production of patch embroidery, sewing at the corner, needle line and so on.
  • The presser foot opening is marked with a clear distance mark for easy access.
  • Alignment of the stitches when applying patch or satin stitches.

Product Specification:

  • Material: metal
  • Type: presser foot


1 x Open Toe Foot