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FREE Shipping! + 365-day Warranty!

PNC Knit Foot

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Product Description:

Whenever you try sewing knit fabric for the first time, it can seem like a challenge. But you shouldn't worry about it anymore, with a little of help from PNC Knit Foot, you can successfully sew knit fabric in no time. 

Product Features:

  • PNC Knit Foot helps greatly with puckering, thread skipping and thread breaking.
  • It has holding teeth that holds the fabric at just the right moment as the needle is going down through the fabric.
  • It is designed to work with your machine's needle bar.
  • As the needle bar goes up, it lifts the lever on the knit foot which pulls up the holding teeth and allows your machine's feeding system to advance the fabric forward for the next stitch.
  • A wonderful foot to have around for sewing on T-shirts and other knits.

Product Specification:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: About 3.3X1.7x5.3cm
  • Fits many Low Shank Snap-On Singer, Brother, Viking (Husky Series), Euro-Pro, Janome (front), Kenmore, White, Juki, Bernina (Bernette Series) and More


1xPNC Knit Foot

Note: If you don’t know what sort of shank your machine has, it’s probably a low shank. Because High Shank machines are generally “fancy” embroidery models which are more costly, and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is. Most household sewing machines are "low-shank" and will fit this presser foot.