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Rounded Corner Binding Foot

Inlet Cloth Width-Outlet Cloth Width

Product Description:

Bound edges are not only found on quilts but also found on other projects including garments, purses, and pillows. Normally it is a multi-step process but with Round Corner Binding Foot, binding will be easy as pie.

How to use:

1. Remove the bed of the machine. Install the new feed dog

2. Put the faceplate on the top of the feed dog and install with screw

3. Install the new foot

4. Close the plate

5. You feed the bias tape or bias strip into the channel and the attachment folds it around the project edge as you stitch. The bias tape or fabric strips need to be the exact width indicated in the directions included with the binder. Cut one end at an angle and feed it into the channel. Pull it through until you have a few inches behind the foot. The binder folds the raw edges in and positions the to wrap around the project edge.

6. And the result:


  • Adjustable: the two upper screws on the binding allow you to adjust the fold of the fabric and set them at the same length for a straight stitch or set the bottom a bit further than the top for a blanket stitch
  • A necessary part of an industrial sewing machine
  • It can turn simple-looking hems, armholes, necklines, or an opening into a wonderful project by attaching a cloth into its edge
  • Simple but practical tool: It is a sewing tool which can aid in creating a tape-like fabric which can be attached by sewing the edges of any sewing project.


  • Material: Steel
  • Color: As shown
  • Specifications (Optional):
    • 0.87" / 2.2cm;
    • 1.2" / 3.0cm ;
    • 1.6" / 4.0cm.
  • Inlet Cloth Width - Outlet Cloth Width:
    • 0.87" / 2.2cm - 0.2" / 0.55cm
    • 1.2" / 3cm - 0.3" / 0.8cm
    • 1.6" / 4cm - 0.45" / 1.15cm


Depend on customer's purchase:
  • 1 x 0.87" Rounded Corner Binding Foot
  • 1 x 1.2" Rounded Corner Binding Foot
  • 1 x 1.6" Rounded Corner Binding Foot