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FREE Shipping! + 365-day Warranty!
FREE Shipping! + 365-day Warranty!

About Us


The birth of Oh  My Crafts

It is said that “Crafting is the best medicine”, and it’s completely, totally true. Back to 2016, when Sofia’s auntie got a dramatic car crash and it caused her right leg disabled for almost a year. Not only did the physical pain make her suffer, but also faced the stress, because she had to stick around her home all day long. Sofia sent her some crafting kits with the hope that immerse herself in this addictive thing will fade her pain. And that’s exactly what happened! 

Figuring out the healing power of Crafting to people, Sofia decided to start this journey: We Bring The Craft To Heal Your Pain. From there Oh My Crafts was born, and we’re now trying day by day to bring more craft, more cure to human.

For the purpose of bringing our customers the experience as happy as we could, we never stop trying to improve ourselves, better our products and services. Seldom may you find these exclusive values below at any online store but Oh My Crafts. 

  • Premium quality: We make our products fully completed down to every single small detail and when the packages come to you, it must be in the highest-quality situation. 
  • Trendy-Unique design: Never can you feel dull with the old boring things at Oh My Craft. Our creative designers devote all of their energy to bring the newest trendy-unique designs which suit several purposes for your life.
  • 365-day Warranty: Since you receive our product, you’ll have up-to 365 days to ask for returning or refunding for the unexpected one. With the principle of laying the absolute trust on our customers, there is no proof asked now. Moreover, the partially or fully completed products with unexpected outcome are now supported to exchange to an equally valuable gift card for you.
  • Express Customer Service: Our CS team is always available and willing to help you whenever you need us, you can receive support from our CS team within 7 hours and can directly make a phone call to our Call Center in case you need any emergency help. Our hotline: +1(918)986-7681

Oh My Crafts Team

Address: HUGECOMWIN PTE. LTD 111 North Bridge Road, #08-11 Peninsula Plaza City Hall, Singapore 179098